Decalogue of good manufacturing practices for the cosmetic industry – Quimacova (21/05/2012)

The Chemical and Environment Association of Chemical Industry of the Valencian Community, Quimacova, presented last April a Decalogue of good practice for the cosmetics industry.

The Decalogue covers the stages of production, storage and distribution, the phase of products and analysis, and the monitoring after their introduction into the market. The Decalogue warns about the need for written protocols for the manufacturing processes
Plate heat exchangers are used for manufacturing cosmetics solutions, oil and alcohol based. perfumes, creams and emulsions as well as active cleaning. Heat exchangers are devices created for the heat transfer between two media. In particular plate heat exchangers consist of a serie of standard sizes metal plates, which are coupled each other in a frame which holds them together, in larger or smaller number according to the thermal requirements.

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