Chillventa: International cooling trade fair in Nuremberg (25/09/2012)

Chillventa the international fair on refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps will be held during the 9th and 11th October, showing the latest developments in the sector.

In this fair the heat exchangers division of GEA (GEA Heat Exchangers) will showcase new solutions in plate heat exchangers, and in particular new ConBraze series plate heat exchangers specially designed to optimize heat transfer.

Laygo Gaskets manufactures no OEM gaskets compatible with GEA Heat Exchangers. In the field of cooling and heating the plate heat exchangers are used in HVAC installations, large centralized facilities, heating, etc ...

In the latest edition of Chillventa in 2012 participated more than 29,312 visitors from around the world, in a meeting which was attended by 881 companies from 42 different countries.