Interphex 2017 (20/04/2017)

Interphex 2017 1

Last March 23, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry attended a new edition of the international trade show Interphex in New York. It is one of the biggest events in the sector in which participated the main pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers. Its public, 100 % professional and coming from more than 52 countries, was invited to discover the latest innovations in machinery, production techniques, or laboratory solutions.

A technical conference, several seminars and demonstrations were also offered, which provided an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and business relationships with other leading companies and distributors worldwide.

The role of Laygo's plate heat exchanger gaskets in the industry

Laygo's plate heat exchanger gaskets are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry for the manufacture of plant extracts, cosmetic solutions, perfume manufacturing or effective cleaning products.

The molecules involved in the manufacturing process of such products require the use of heat exchangers for heating, cooling, drying, evaporation or condensation.

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