Heat exchangers for the petrochemical industry (02/09/2013)

The petrochemical and refineries industries have become industries that makes intensive use of heat exchangers in their production processes.

Heat exchangers are commonly used in high-temperature long programs in which there are very small temperature differences between the flow of fluids. The plate heat exchangers are also used to control process temperatures, heating or cooling chemicals process, ...

This past August we have known the award of a major contract to the company Alfa Laval fot the of supply heat exchangers to an Indian company. The contract value amounted to $ 28.4m, and heat exchangers will be used in the production of xylenes, ingredients used in the manufacture of synthetic nylon and PET bottles.

Laygo Gaskets supplies plate heat exchangers compatible with this manufacturer. Laygo Gaskets has the knowledge and R & D needed to adapt to the continuous changes in the chemical and petrochemical industries.