Tranter Launches Heat Transfer Forum (30/09/2013)

Tranter Launches Heat Transfer Forum 1

The company Tranter manufacturer of plate heat exchangers has announced the launching of a Heat Transfer Forum. The forum will provide all interested in the world of heat transfer, a platform with useful information, where they can get help and support, with a commitment of one day maximum response.

Professionals and engineers that join the Heat Transfer Forum will find answers to their specific questions. This forum can be accessed using last generation smart phones through a mobile version of the forum.

Heat exchangers are devices created for transfering heat between two media and are used in different processes. Tranter is a large US manufacturer present in HVAC, refrigeration and food and belongs to Alfa Laval. Laygo manufactures not OEM joints compatible with this company and in particular the references. GC-55 (G55), GX-12 (G52), GC-50 (G50), GM-138, GX-42 (G108), GX-26 (G102).

Laygo Gaskets has the knowledge and the R & D needed to adapt to the ongoing changes carried out by different manufacturers of plate heat exchangers. Gaskets Laygo is the only manufacturer of gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers doing the rubber vulcanization process 100% in the press.