Unification of the Spanish subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers (21/11/2013)

Unification of the Spanish subsidiaries of GEA Heat Exchangers 1

The German-born manufacturer GEA has unified its two Spanish companies (GEA Ibérica SA and GEA Caldemon SA) in a single company (GEA Heat Exchangers SA) to operate in the Spanish market. The mergers of these two subsidiaries follow the strategic direction of GEA of simplifying the group internal structures.

The new headquarters of the company will be located in Igorre and will service the customers of the two subsidiaries. GEA Heat Exchangers SA will maintain its product range that includes plate heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, shell and tube exchangers and air cooled condensers.

Laygo manufactures no OEM gaskets compatible with the plate heat exchangers made by GEA. GEA is one of the largest manufacturers of plate heat exchangers, covering nearly all applications with its range of PHE.


Plate heat exchangers are used to control process temperature, heating, cooling the chemical products, evaporators, condensers. The plate heat exchanger allows a significant cost reduction in comparison with the shell and tube exchangers.