Strong presence of Sondex in Asia (25/02/2014)

Strong presence of Sondex in Asia 1

The company SONDEX manufacturer of  plate heat exchangers PHE, continues its strong expansion in Asia. Since its implementation in the Korean city of Chagwon in 2011 Sondex has expanded rapidly across the Asian market.

Sondex is a young Danish company specialized in the manufacture of high efficiency plate heat exchangers adapted to customer needs. They are primarily focus on wide pressure and temperature area on the industrial sector.

Laygo Gaskets manufactures not OEM gaskets with Sondex, and is present in a large number of industrial facilities. Laygo manufactures not OEM joints compatible with this company and in particular the references. S4 , S20, S15 , S7 , S39 , S30 , S50. Laygo® plate heat exchanger PHE gaskets have 1 year of guarantee against any manufacturing defect. Available in our range of qualities NBR, EPDM, FPM, HNBR, etc.

After more than 25 years of experience and with the technical capacity of our R&D laboratory, we have developed our own formulations which allow us to make gaskets adapted to our customers’ requirements and technical specifications.