New corporate image for Laygo Gaskets (25/07/2014)

New corporate image for Laygo Gaskets 1

Laygo Gaskets has initiated a process of modernizing its corporate image and in this sense we have developed a new logo for our company.

Laygo has been renewed to be a company that keeps important values as manufacturing quality and experience in the rubber mixing. But besides we renew and innovate from the change and modernization of the logo through the constantly development of new joints models, expanding the loyalty and personal relationship of our commercial team that already characterizes us in Spain, Germany, Poland, Denmark and Russia, the rest of the world (Netherlands, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, France ... Emirates).

The new typography family has a modern appearance and the graphical element shows the product that we manufacture. It was decided to use capital letters throughout the logo, keeping the orange color as a distinctive corporate color.

We are sure that these adaptations allow us to be closer to our customers. The team of professionals of Laygo Gaskets make possible for our company to be a safe value for the maintenance of your Plate Heat Exchangers.