Maintenance Service for Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets (18/03/2016)

Maintenance Service for Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets 1

Laygo Gaskets, a specialist company in the manufacture of plate heat exchanger gaskets, offers its customers a complete inspection and maintenance service.

Its deep knowledge about plate heat exchanger gaskets allows to offer a regular maintenance service for those customers who request it.

Although Laygo Gaskets manufactures plate heat exchanger gaskets, such service does not exclude devices from other manufacturers, offering solutions to possible malfunctions or the implementation of a plate heat exchanger.

Laygo Gaskets' maintenance service includes:

  • Inspection and cleaning of the Plate Heat Exchanger
  •  Chemical cleaning of plates
  •  A check of individual plates
  • The reorganization of the frame and other components
  •  The development of a new diagram plate
  •  Conducting a leak and pressure test of heat exchanger gaskets


For further information on the maintenance service for plate heat exchanger gaskets, do not hesitate to contact us.