Laygo's Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets Applications (18/05/2016)

Laygo's Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets Applications 1

Laygo Gaskets, with over 30 years of experience, manufactures its plate heat exchanger gaskets that apply directly to many and several industrial sectors.

Plate heat exchanger gaskets are used in the marine, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology and petrochemical industries. Furthermore, they are also applied to the nuclear, heat and air-conditioning, and renewable energies sectors.

The primary function of plate heat exchangers is to heat or cool fluids or gases in the usual processes that take place in the areas mentioned above.

Apparently, Laygo’s plate heat exchanger gaskets play an essential role in all these processes. This is why Laygo also offers its customers a maintenance service to ensure the proper functioning of its gaskets, which is directly related to the task developed by plate heat exchangers.

For further information on Laygos’ plate heat exchanger gaskets and its maintenance service, do not hesitate to contact its sales department.