The dairy sector has celebrated the World Milk Day (08/06/2011)

The dairy sector has celebrated the World Milk Day 1

Original source: FAO

On 1st June the World Milk Day was celebrated. Involved companies have publicized their activities and relevance of its production and industry. The dairy sector use plate heat exchangers for milk production, butter, cheese, desserts, yogurt, ice cream and other products. Laygo Gaskets supplied plate heat exchangers for all types of industry applications: cooling of raw milk by ICP, pasteurization, thermisation and UHT treatment.

Thanks to the cold storage it is possible to deliver milk to the plants every two days, saving many transport costs compared to the two daily collections without this system. Even if it is cooled to 2 º C-3 ° C, milk can be collected once every three or four days.

This date was established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Unit Nations (FAO) in order to promote milk consumption worldwide.