Cervisia Lleida 2011 fair brewing in Spain (08/09/2011)

Cervisia Lleida 2011 fair brewing in Spain 1

Original source: Fira de Lleida

On 9 - 11 September the third edition of Cervisia Lleida fair, the exhibition take place in Lleida (Spain), where it finds the beer main brands. The plate heat exchangers (PHE) that supplies Laygo Gaskets, are used in the brewing industry for different purposes, as cooling wine by ICP for high-volume and  beer flash pasteurization.

Cervisia Lleida 2011, organized by Mahou-San Miguel group is supported by “Fira de Lleida”, a fair with beer and food tastings and musical performances. For this third edition it will count in with a new space for childhood. The event will begin on Friday afternoon and runs until Sunday afternoon. The attendees It will can taste 29 different nationally and internationally beer brands.